Satellite Global

No matter how far a ship is, we know her location!
Combining undelayed Satellite and Terrestrial AIS data we deliver the most up-to-date ship positions either operating in near-shore areas or in the open oceans.

Satellite AIS ensures global visibility of the world maritime traffic even beyond the coverage of land-based AIS receiving stations.

While terrestrial AIS data is a great source of information for real-time monitoring of the ship traffic in major waterways and ports within near-shore areas, the Satellite AIS technology is the only source of up-to-date position data beyond the coverage of terrestrial AIS stations.

With update intervals from a few minutes to several hours, Satellite AIS data solves the long-standing problem of lack of timely position data of your fleet.

Satellite global AIS coverage of marine traffic - VT Explorer

VT Explorer AIS network, daily metrics:

  • 300+ million AIS messages processed
  • 130,000+ unique vessels tracked via Terrestrial AIS
  • 170,000+ unique vessels tracked via Satellite AIS
  • 50+ Gigabytes of archived historical AIS data
150.00 EUR
120.00 EUR

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