Historical AIS Data Services

Historical AIS data is a valuable data source used for vessel traffic analysis, port calling information, asset tracking, risk assessment, accident investigation, etc. The data is also used for analysing the vessels movements on a global scale, potential trends in the shipping market or vessel behaviour patterns for potential prosecution of illegal actions.

As one of the leading AIS networks, VT Explorer stores all AIS data received from vessel transponders in a historical database back to 2009 and provides:

Video simulation of vessel movements on a digital map

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Terrestrial AIS data on the ship positions stored since 2009

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Traffic density analysis in critical areas based on historical AIS data

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This service provides data on the positions of thousands of ships around the world, collected by terrestrial AIS stations since 2009. The AIS position reports are performed for:

  •   one or more vessels for a given period of time (on a predefined list of MMSI or IMO numbers)
  •   all vessel movements in a particular port or area (defined by geographical coordinates)

In most cases, typical time resolution of a vessel movement report is 5-minutes or 1-hour (time resolution is the time between two sequential position records of each vessel). For more detailed analysis, when time resolution should be as small as possible, raw NMEA data is used for the movement report.

Data output:

  •   DATE / TIME - timestamp of the position report (UTC)
  •   MMSI – vessel's MMSI number
  •   IMO – vessel's IMO number
  •   NAME – vessel name
  •   COURSE – course over ground (degrees)
  •   SPEED – speed over ground (knots)
  •   NAVSTAT – navigational status (according to AIS specification)
  •   CALLSIGN – vessel call sign
  •   AIS TYPE – vessel type (according to AIS specification)
  •   DIMENSIONS – length and beam of the vessel
  •   DRAUGHT – current draught of the vessel
  •   DESTINATION – port of call
  •   ETA – estimated time of arrival
Vessel movement reports sample

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This service uses raw AIS data to create a video simulation of the vessels' movements on a digital map. This service is ideal to:

  •  investigate an accident
  •  analyse vessel behaviour patterns for potential prosecution of illegal actions, such as illegal ballast water exchange or illegal bunkering.

Data output:

  •   Raw timestamped NMEA data
  •   Decoded data
  •   Video simulation (AVI file)
Raw NMEA data example thumb Raw NMEA data example thumb

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Based on historical AIS data, this service provides vessel traffic density analysis in critical areas. The density analysis is performed for particular area and selection criteria by ship type, size, year of built, etc. This service is ideal if you are looking for density reports that enable:

  •  risk assessment and increasing of the efficiency of port services
  •  analysis into shipping traffic and trend patterns

Data output:

  •   Traffic density image
  •   Georeferenced KML file
  •   Entire AIS data set used to perform the analysis

dover point thumb dover point thumb
     Dover - Calais Q1/2012      Dover - Calais Q1/2012

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