Realtime AIS Data Services

VT Explorer vessel tracking service relies on huge network of AIS receiving stations. We operate our own network of AIS receivers but we also receive vast amount of AIS data from many partners worldwide. The network operation is 24/7 monitored and all data is processed and checked at our data center to provide best quality level for our customers.

VT Explorer supplies vessel position data for integration into customer software systems and solutions. We provide realtime AIS data in different formats tailored to customer's requirements:


  1. Raw AIS data feed (NMEA)

  2. Ship AIS dataRaw AIS data streaming is the native way for distribution of real time AIS information with minimum delay. Data format conforms to AIS specification and data sentences may be processed by all software systems designed to operate directly with AIS hardware equipment (AIS receivers, transponders or base stations).

    The data sentences look like:


    You can acquire our AIS data via TCP/IP connection or UDP stream depending on your preferences.

    Data feed may be filtered by area, source id or message id. Our system also provides data downsampling in order to reduce the required bandwidth between the client and our data center.


  3. AIS WebService (XML / JSON)

vessel data2Many customers do not need raw AIS data sentences but prefer receiving decoded data in popular format accepted by most databases and ERP systems. Our AIS WebService exports vessel positions in XML or JSON format.
The web service responds to customer queries and returns requested data as a XML or JSON file.

 Our AIS WebService supports the following queries (methods):


  1. GetVessel

  2. Returns last received data for particular vessel specified by IMO number or MMSI number.

    XML reply (example):

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <DATA ERROR="false" METHOD="getVessel" CREDITS="284">
    <VESSEL MMSI="413811000" TIME="2011-04-12 10:40:27 GMT" LONGITUDE="118.44586" LATITUDE="38.87483" COG="356" SOG="0.1" HEADING="116" NAVSTAT="1" IMO="9118824" NAME="JIN HAI XIANG" CALLSIGN="BVKU" TYPE="70" A="197" B="27" C="20" D="12" DRAUGHT="7.5" DEST="CAOFEIDIAN" ETA="04-10 07:00" />

  3. GetList

  4. Returns last received data for all vessels in a predefined list of IMO or MMSI numbers.

  5. GetSnapshot

  6. Returns last received data for all vessels in a predefined area.


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